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  • Manipulating the Code E-Course
  • Manipulating the Code E-Course

Manipulating the Code E-Course


Welcome to “Manipulating the Code,” the AI e-course designed specifically for pastors, church leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to learn how to leverage the power of AI to improve their work and achieve their goals.


With this course, you’ll discover how AI can help you with everything from sermon preparation to marketing to writing your next book. You’ll learn how to use AI tools to automate time-consuming tasks, identify patterns and trends in your data, and make more informed decisions.


Our expert instructor, Apostle Kevin Crawley, will guide you through the fundamentals of AI and show you how to apply these concepts in practical ways that will benefit your work and ministry. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how AI works, its potential applications, and how to integrate it into your existing workflows.


Whether you’re a pastor looking to improve your sermon preparation, a church leader seeking to streamline your administrative tasks, or an entrepreneur looking to stay ahead of the curve, this course is for you. Join us today and start manipulating the code to achieve your goals!

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